Improving Pelvic Floor health through the Hypopressive method, Wellmother shiatsu training for doulas & midwives, Doula services

Upcoming Workshops 


Pelvic Floor Health

The Hypopressive method is an easily learnt technique that strengthens your core, improves your breathing and helps you stand taller. It prevents and treats incontinence, prolapse, hernias, low libido, slow metabolism, posture and more.


Doula Services

Doulas support the whole family to have a positive experience of pregnancy, birth and the early weeks with a new baby.

Having a Doula means that you can have support through pregnancy and birth and in those early days of learning to breastfeed and getting used to having a new born baby at home. 


Pilates & Personal Training

As a Pilates teacher, Shiatsu practitioner and Hypopressive instructor, I can help you reach your fitness goals whatever stage of life you are at. Pregnancy, birth and ageing often affects fitness levels but with gentle personal training I can put the spring back in your step.


Wellmother Shiatsu

Gentle hands-on workshop for midwives and doulas to become confident with the use of acupressure in pregnancy, labour and post-birth. Shiatsu is a highly regarded practice that offers relief and healing at this precious time.