About Justine

Justine Sipprell

Justine Sipprell is a Shiatsu practitioner, Doula, Pilates Instructor and a pre and postnatal Personal trainer.

Justine received Shiatsu at her first birth in 1997 and was blown away by how effective the pressure techniques were. They literally halved the intensity of the contractions. She had just finished her training at The European School of Shiatsu and had asked a fellow graduate to attend her birth. From this point on she was inspired for every pregnant women to receive Shiatsu during labour.

She moved to Southern Spain in 2000 where she helped start up a birthing centre called Da A Luz and started attending her first births using Shiatsu. In 2002 she discovered Suzanne Yates the founder of Well Mother in the UK and the author of Shiatsu for Midwives. Justine then started her training with Suzanne discovering new skills to work with women in pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. In 2005 she began to train as a Well Mother teacher, planning to teach midwives and doulas effective Shiatsu techniques for labour. These techniques included stimulating acupressure points as well as stroking and holding. She also at this time started to work with couples, teaching partners easy to use Shiatsu techniques for labour.

In 2007 Justine ran her first Shiatsu workshop for midwives and then over the next 6 years ran a number of retreats and courses, in various settings, from a yurt in Spain to the Royal Sussex hospital in Brighton.

During this time Justine continued to work as a doula and started to train as a Pilates teacher. She started teaching Pilates in 2009 and by 2010 was running various weekly classes including a post natal class for mums and babies.

Through her work in both Shiatsu and Pilates she became increasingly aware that many women had pelvic floor issues and also a diastasis recti that they were unaware of. Her Pilates classes became focused on strengthening the core 4, breathing and posture. Justine began to have more one on one clients who she would work with practicing Pilates and then giving them some Shiatsu.

In the summer of 2013, Justine moved to Toronto, Canada. It was here that she decided to become a Personal Trainer and started working with pre and postnatal women, using her background of Pilates, yoga and Shiatsu. At the beginning of 2014, Justine started to run prenatal couples workshops, as she had back in the UK. She found that the attitude towards birth was changing in Toronto and that more women were now applying for midwifery care and also planning home births. She was shocked at the lack of postnatal care, so soon found herself working as a postnatal Doula as well as a birth Doula.

Justine founded Well Mother Toronto to inspire birth partners, Doula's and Midwives to learn effective touch techniques to support women through labour. Also to encourage pregnant woman to feel empowered to plan and visualise the birth they imagine.

Now back in the UK she continues to run Wellmother workshops in London and offers doula support during birth and post-natally as well as running regular classes in the hypopressive method.